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      bonded thread


      Bonded thread has the advantages of high tensile strength, good wear resistance, small shrinkage, and moderate elastic stitching.

      It is widely used in daily high quality sewing products such as sewing car seats and airbags, leather furniture, luggage, parachutes, wetsuits, high-end sports shoes, tents, sails, hoods and high-grade mattresses.

      Bonded polyester thread is made of high-quality polyester fiber. It is matched with special lubricating oil. It is resistant to high temperature, non-stretching, non-marking, continuous threading, and lint-free during the sewing process. Anti-mildew and other characteristics.Polyester Bondedline is suitable for all kinds of sewing thread with high tensile strength requirements.

      Polyester Bonded sewing thread specifications are 80, 60, 40, 30, 20 and other specifications, polyester Bondi sewing thread products are suitable for shoes, leather goods, handbags, bags, toys, ribbons, wire preparation, system Special use such as clothing.



      Divided into two categories: Bonded nylon thread and Bonded polyester thread;

      Bonded nylon thread is made by using nylon 6 or nylon 66 continuous filament monofilament into a sewing thread, and then bonding the strands together by Bondi process;

      When the Bonded polyester thread is made of polyester continuous filament monofilament into a sewing thread, the strands are bonded together by the Bondi process.

      Production process classification:

      Outside bonded thread and Inside bonded thread

      The Outside bonded thread is based on the common strands, through the Bonded thread production machine, the sewing thread is heated to dissolve the glue tank, and the Bonding glue wraps the thread on the outside to bond the threads together;

      The Inside bonded thread is a process in which a low-melting thermal fuse is added in the middle of the strand during the twisting process. After the heating is set and the hot fuse is melted, the sewing thread is bonded together.


      Tex NoTicket NoDenierStrength (cN) Elogation% Thread Carrier
      3080100D/3213518-30King spool/Dyeing Tube
      4560150D/3304018-30King spool/Dyeing Tube
      7040210D/3435020-32King spool/Dyeing Tube
      9030250D/3515020-32King spool/Dyeing Tube
      13520420D/3978022-34King spool/Dyeing Tube
      21013630D/3515022-34King spool/Dyeing Tube
      27010840D/31762022-34King spool/Dyeing Tube

      Material :

      Bonded nylon thread is made of Nylon 6 and Nylon 6.6. It is made of continuous nylon filament and then bonded, and all the yarns are bonded together, even if it is cut with scissors. Never open.

      Bonded Nylon Thread
      Bonded Nylon Thread

      Bonded polyester thread is made of high-quality polyester fiber and is blended with special lubrication formula. It is resistant to high temperature during the sewing process, does not stretch, does not decolorize, is continuous, does not lint, and is waterproof and resistant. Mildew and other characteristics. The Bondi line is made by bonding high-quality environmentally-friendly nylon filaments and polyester filaments.

      Bonded Polyester Thread
      Bonded Polyester Thread

      It can be combined with daily heavy duty sewing processes such as leather, canvas or sports shoes through high-performance lubrication.


      The elongation is 20-28%, the wear resistance is better, the wire is not easy to break, and the surface is smooth like a ribbon.

      Commonly used specifications are: 0#, 5#, 10#, 20#, 30#, 40#, 60#, 80#, etc.

      More Bonded Thread

      bonded thread