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      China Beabang >> Filament Thread >> Elastic Thread >> Polyester elastic sewing thread

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      • Polyester elastic sewing thread
        Polyester elastic sewing thread

      Polyester elastic sewing thread

      • Name:Polyester elastic sewing thread
      • Tex NO. :TEX90
      • kt NO.:202
      • Denier:160D/1
      • Length:15000m
      • Col NO.:customizable
      • N.W.:250-300g

      Quality polyester elastic sewing thread,Polyester elastic sewing thread manufacturers

      Polyester elastic sewing thread

      Polyester elastic sewing thread 

      Polyester elastic sewing thread products are flexible, feel good, stable quality, not easy to dye, tensile strength, uniform color, bright color.Polyester elastic sewing thread have complete specifications, the product can be pure woven, can also be woven with silk, cotton, viscose and other fibers.Polyester elastic sewing thread can be made of elastic fabric and all kinds of wrinkle fabric, made of fabric unique style.


      Polyester elastic sewing thread features
      Polyester elastic sewing thread has the advantages of good luster, good elasticity, matching with elastic fabric, beautiful stitch, etc., and is a good special sewing thread.



      Polyester elastic sewing thread application
      1.Polyester elastic sewing thread is mainly used for knitting.Socks, clothing, cloth, rib, textile fabrics, wool fabrics, sewing thread, embroidery, ribbon cuff medical bandage etc..
      2.Polyester elastic sewing thread is widely used in wool sweater, ribbon, clothing lock edge, gloves, thread, etc.
      Knitted garment, sports wear, health sharp clothes, women's underwear, tights and other clothing.


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