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      China Beabang >> 3 ply polyester thread

      3 ply polyester thread


      Mode No.Spec.Diameter(MM)Break Tenacity(Kg)Length (M)Weight(Gram)Usage
      80#120D/30.23≥2.32090100Thin cloth leather: wallets, raincoats, leather, school Lou and so on
      40#210D/20.25≥2.72000100Leather, leather products: leather shoes, purses, gloves, leather gloves, suitcases, leather and so onThick cloth: travel bags, tents, fabric sofas, bedding and so on
      10#420D/30.45≥8.2600100Thick leather products: sofa, car cushion, sports shoes, leather bagsCanvas, tent backpack, kite, bead curtain


      3 ply polyester thread

      If you need other specifications which are not listed above, we could produce them especially for you.

      Specification included: 150D/3 , 210D/3 , 250D/3 , 300D/3 , 420D/3 etc. Weight and length per cone can be made customized, e.g. 100g,150g, or 1190y , 1980y etc, we can according to customers requirement and has over 1500 colors in stock. It is widely used in sewing of garment , footwear, leather product , furniture ,car upholstery , bags and other products.

      3 ply polyester thread
      Our products has gained the certificate of Oeko-Tex Standard 100( I categoty) from internation professional bodies to meet the increasing quality requirement

      Why choose us

      3 ply polyester thread

      1/ Stable quality

      We passed ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system. We exported to more than 30 countries and regions at home and abroad.

      2/ Product environmental protection

      3 ply polyester thread

      Our company got OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 CLASS Ⅰ certificate, meeting customer's higher requirements for enviornmental protection.

      3/ Enough inventory

      We have 1125 colors inventory, delivery on the day of receipt of your order.

      4/ Pricing & Saving

      3 ply polyester thread suppliers

      More 3 ply polyester thread

      3 ply polyester thread